Cutting Split Ends

Cutting Split Ends is Important

What are split ends?

Your hair grows from the root, so the end is the oldest part of your hair. Imagine all the things the ends have seen. How many times have they been washed, styled, or straightened? How many hats and scarves have they touched? How many cold, windy, dry, and humid days have they seen? The end is the most exposed and in danger part of your hair.

Your ends can split in many ways. You may notice the classic end split in two, or smaller, just barely split ends. Moreover, You may notice ends that split into multiple pieces (like a tree or broom) or hairs that are thin at the end as the cuticle disappears but the cortex remains unbroken. You may even notice hairs that split  all the way up the shaft. The common denominator is, unless we trim our hair often, all of us will experience some split ends. They are part of the normal life cycle of hair.

What causes split ends?

Styling, brushing, detangling, handling and touching your hair, all of which break down the cuticle little by little.

Furthermore, heat tools are one of the fastest ways to cause split ends. Excessive heat causes extreme damage to the ends that are already stressed by other factors.

In addition, Some fabrics and materials cause more damage to your cuticle than others. Hats, scarves, and sweaters accelerate the develop of split ends, as do cotton pillowcases and towels. If your hair is long that it touches the back of your shirt or jacket, this causes split ends too.

Why are split ends bad? 

A split end will continue to split all the way up the hair shaft, damaging the entire strand of the hair. Also, split ends has no smooth cuticle covering them so as a result they touch other ends and causes more split ends. Not only this but also, it will cause breakage and damage to the hair. Your hair will eventually look frizzy and unhealthy so when you see a split end it is a sign to trim your hair. 

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