Leave in conditioner – shea butter

75 EGP

(27 customer reviews)

A sulfate, silicone and paraben free leave in conditioner with shea butter which is enriched with wheat germ oil and vitamin E combines moisture rich botanical oils to ensure gorgeous healthy and hydrated shiny strands with every single use.

Volume: 250 ml \ 8.45 fl.oz.

Leave in conditioner – shea butter

75 EGP

What it is:
An ultra-moisturizing conditioner that gives your hair an intensive hydrating boost and brings back shine and manageability to your dry, lifeless hair while hydrating your strands.

What it does:
Shea butter is derived from the seeds of the African shea tree, shea butter is widely used in cosmetics and hair products thanks to its moisturizing and nutrient-rich qualities. the most well-known benefit of shea butter is its moisturizing and repairing properties. It’s fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and won’t leave a sticky residue as other moisturizers can.
With shea butter, Knots, tangles, and frizz become a thing of the past.

Who it’s for:
Those with dry and frizzy hair who want a deep moisturizing styling experience with extra hydrating benefits.
Hair types: straight, wavy, curly.

Safe for:
Kids, Color treated, keratin treated, chemically treated hair, low porosity hair and curly hair.

How to use:
Apply to damp hair. Gently detangle using fingers or a wide comb starting at the ends and working towards the scalp.

27 reviews for Leave in conditioner – shea butter

  1. Marina magdy

    Very nice

  2. Youmna

    Is it going to be available soon?

    • blesscare (store manager)

      in a week

  3. Noura

    Hayb2a available tany emta please?

    • blesscare (store manager)

      in a week ISA

  4. Ghgg

    Is it available in jordan?

    • blesscare (store manager)

      not yet, sorry dear

  5. Sarah

    When will it be available and how much does the shipping cost?

    • blesscare (store manager)

      in a week
      shipping cost up to the area

  6. Basmala Hithem

    Haygy tany emta???

    • BLESS (store manager)

      in a week

  7. Habiba

    When will it be available again?
    And what is the shipping cost for new cairo?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      ina week
      around 50 le

  8. Ash ash

    When will it be available plz??

    • BLESS (store manager)

      in a week isa

  9. Radwa

    Shipping cost for kafr elsheikh?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      around 60

  10. Reem

    When will it be available and how much does the shipment to first settlement cost?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      available now
      fees around 50 le

  11. Rania

    It’s amazing for low porosity hair

    • BLESS (store manager)

      thx dear

  12. safya

    hm is shipping to zayed?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      around 50 le

  13. safa

    Where can I find it in the North coast?

  14. NH

    Should I rince my hair after applying the cream?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      nop, it is a leave-in product

  15. Menna Al Ashry (verified owner)

    First of all , the product was just what my hair needed.
    I have very dry , color treated and heat damaged hair and it did amazing as a rinse out conditioner and a leave in one.
    It deeply conditioned my hair and did a better job than most of the conditioners i’ve tried and it immediately made my hair soft and smooth and incredibly easy to detangle.
    The only things that i find could be improved regarding this product are :
    – the pump was really hard to work with , it kept breaking every time i tried to adjust it and i couldn’t close it after i was done with it and it kept getting stuck.
    – the scent was that of a cough medicine and it was really strong at first but it faded gradually into a candy like scent ,i just wasn’t a big fan of it.
    All in all , great product , definitely would purchase again!

    • BLESS (store manager)

      Hi Menna:
      thx for ur feedback dear, we will work on the 2 points u mentioned above

  16. Sandra

    for how much are the shipping fees to Haram?
    and what is the difference between the leave in conditioner and the leave in cream?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      around 50
      conditioner is lighter than the crem

  17. Nada

    It is very good it is a great moisturizer it gives shine and detangles and makes it soft defines curls but its smell is not good

    • BLESS (store manager)

      thanks, dear, will work on it aked

  18. Ola

    Can i use it to my little wavy hair?

    • BLESS (store manager)


  19. sherin amer (verified owner)

    I swear by these products, it make you hair shiny and healthy. It smells super good ❤️❤️❤️

    • BLESS (store manager)

      love u

  20. Hana

    What is the difference between the leave in cream and the leave in conditioner

    • BLESS (store manager)

      Cream with extra shea butter for all hair types Conditioner less shea butter with Jojoba and Wheatgerm oils for low porosity hair ll sha3r el5afef.
      الكريم بنسبه شيا أعلى لجميع انواع الشعر الكوندشنر نسبه الشيا اقل و عليه جوجوبا و زيت القمح للمساميه المنخفضه للشعر الخفيف

  21. Lela

    Is it suitable for high porosity hair?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      no dear it’s for the low porosity one
      the leave in cream 450ml is for the high porosity one

  22. noor

    How much is shipping to new Cairo?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      around 40
      available in pharmacies

  23. Sara

    What works best for low porosity high protein?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      Yap, el leave-in conditioner

  24. Lilly

    I heard that the leave in conditioner is rich in protein is it true? Cause if I have overload protein it wouldn’t be best for me .

    • BLESS (store manager)

      our leave-in cream is better for you

  25. Lilly

    And what styler works best with high porosity and high protein?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      el leave in cream

  26. Sidrah

    بجد بيطري الشعر اوي
    انا جبته و جبت الكوندشنر و بجد شعري كان ناشف جدا مبقدرش امشي صوابعي فيه
    بقى طري و احلى حاجة انه مش ملزق
    الشعرة بتمتصه مع ان مفيش ولا كريم جربته كان شعري بيمتصه

    مفيش بقة حاجة تعالج التقصف؟ هل زيت الارجان ال عندكو ينفع لشعر مساميت
    منخفضة زي شعري ولا دا للشعر المساميته عالية؟

    • BLESS (store manager)

      حلو جدا
      اه الارجان مناسب طبعا

  27. bee

    my hair has never felt this good! it reduced frizz and made my hair feel really soft and light. the leave in conditioners i used to use would make my hair sooo heavy so this is perfect

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