Satin pillowcase

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Satin pillowcases are one of life’s simple pleasures. They keep your hair safe from harm, preventing matting, breakage, tangling and snagging, and reducing facial creases and wrinkles.

Satin pillowcase

What it is:
Plain Pillowcase with dimension 50 cm X 70 cm, made from comfortable and durable satin

What it does:
Satin pillowcases are one of life’s simple pleasures.
they’re silky soft against your skin, reducing facial creases and wrinkles. they aslo keep your hair safe from harm, preventing matting, breakage, tangling and snagging.
you will wake up each morning with healthy skin and beautiful hair. comfortable and durable. cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a satin pillowcase is a luxury to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Who it’s for:
Those who need protection from facial creases, wrinkles and also need hair safe from harm, breakage

Laundry instructions for Pillowcase
It’s best to wash your satin pillowcases once per week to get rid of perspiration, oil, dead skin, and bacteria. Proper cleanliness will help keep your skin clear and your pillowcase gleaming.

You don’t need to dry clean your satin products, they’re completely washer safe. But we do recommend following these instructions for best care.

Washing: Use a mild detergent made for delicate fabrics that doesn’t contain bleach.
Be sure to use the delicate cycle or most gentle cycle setting on your washer. Use cool water. The cooler, the better. Warmer water will break down your pillowcase threading over time.

Ironing: If you lay your Bless pillowcases flat to dry, they shouldn’t wrinkle. But if they dry a little ruffled, iron them out using the “satin” setting on your iron. Or you can use the steam option on your iron to steam out any wrinkles. Ironing is completely optional, but silk does look its best when it’s smooth!

Removing stains: If your Bless pillowcase gets a stain, treat it as soon as possible. Soak in COLD water and dab the stain with a mild detergent. Never let a stain set if you can help it.

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    Amazing product

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    Amazing satin pillowcase so soft <3

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