Satin scrunchies

75 EGP

Satin Scrunchies are made from the high-quality Satin. Perfect for your hair, they come in a 2 / pack. No frizz, no tugging, no damage. just pure satin smoothness.

Pack of 2 Scrunchies.

Satin scrunchies

What it is:
Satin scrunchies are with regular size, made from comfortable and durable satin

What it does:
Since satin causes a lot less friction than cotton material, satin scrunchies prevent your hair from breakage, and frizz. The silkiness of the satin keeps it frictionless, preventing it from unwelcomed creases and bent hairs.

Who it’s for:
Those who need reduce friction and damage and also need hair safe from harm, breakage.

Safe for:
Color treated, keratin treated, chemically treated and curly hair.


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