Shampoo – sulfate free – colored & treated hair

135 EGP

(13 customer reviews)

A gentle yet effective hair cleanser that cleanses effectively colored hair and hair treated with keratin or protein.

Volume: 500 ml \ 16.9 fl.oz.

Shampoo – sulfate free – colored & treated hair

135 EGP

What it is:
A sulfate free shampoo that is formulated to give you a cleansing routine that will cleans gently and protects your colored hair from fading too fast and also protect keratin or protein treatment.

What it does:
It is formulated to give you a cleansing routine that will clean your scalp effectively. It provides sufficient lather and creates a satisfying foam that cleans down to the roots.

Who it’s for:
Those with colored hair or keratin and protein treated hair who want a deep cleansing experience with protecting benefits.
Hair types: straight, wavy, curly.

Safe for:
Color treated, keratin treated, chemically treated hair, curly hair.

How to use:
Put some on your wet hair and massage evenly throughout the scalp, Work into a lather while massaging, then rinse well.

13 reviews for Shampoo – sulfate free – colored & treated hair

  1. Nesma

    First time to use and i hope it works with my hair

    • blesscare (store manager)


  2. elaf

    it has silicone in the ingredients!

    • blesscare (store manager)


  3. Sarah

    How do you say it’s sulfate free while it contains “Sodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate” ?

    • BLESS (store manager)

      it isn’t the normal sulfate

  4. Alaa

    I heard about leave in conditioner is perfect but The shampoo free sulfate is ok for low porosity hair or not ???

    • BLESS (store manager)

      yes dear

  5. Monika

    Iam not dying my hair or made karatine is this one is available for me

  6. Christeen

    I am not dying my hair or keratine but i have loss hair issue and frizzy hair damaged from heat is to use this sulfate free product or bless blue shampoo

    • BLESS (store manager)

      are you CG?
      Is your hair oily?

  7. Monika

    Plz answer me 3shan a3rf h3ml lorder 3la asas eh answr plz my question

    • BLESS (store manager)

      what question?

  8. Monika

    Iam adry hair Iam not dying my hair or made karatine is this product is available for me plz answer me

  9. Shereen (verified owner)

    It’s so so good for curlies, i really recommend this product to anyone especially the curly heads. It controls the frizz so much and make your curls defined and even healthier ❤️❤️❤️

    • BLESS (store manager)

      wow, thanks dear

  10. Veronia

    Plz what the difference between it and blue one ?? Iam not dying my hair !

    • BLESS (store manager)

      Blue shampoo less-chemicals with shea butter for dry and frizzy hair Red shampoo no chemicals for hair treated with chemicals and CG friendly.
      الشامبو الأزرق فيه اقل نسبه كيميكال و بذبده الشيا للشعر الناشف و الهايش الشامبو الاحمر خالى تماما من الكيميكال للشعر المعالج كيميائيا

  11. Lela

    I wanna try the sulphate free shampoo but I never had keratin treatment and I only dyed strands of my hair a year ago. Is it still suitable for me? My hair is frizzy and weak though but I want to go sulphate free.

    • BLESS (store manager)

      yes dear if your hair is dry not oily hair
      the free sulphate shampoo will be suitable for it
      if your hair is oily do try the one for the dry and frizzy hair

  12. هلا

    هل الشامبو الاحمر يحتوي علي مادة الكرياتين او اي مادة شبها و الحمر احسن ولا الازرق للشعر الدهني و الهايش؟

    • BLESS (store manager)

      لا مفيهوش, الشامبو الازرق افضل

  13. Nour

    انا شعري كيرلي بس ناشف شويه ومش بيقول ف اقدر استخدم من محتاجتها ك شامبو وليف ان

    • BLESS (store manager)

      شعرك خفيف ولا تقيل, بينشف بسرعه من المايه ولا لا, دهنى ؟

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