The differences between OIL and CREAM masks

Oil Mask & Cream Mask

 Oil mask has very many benefits like hair nourishment, it prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth and stimulation of blood circulation in the hair, ………..

*So you have to determine why you need to do an oil Mask,

why? Coconut and lavender oil intensify if you want longer hair,

olive oil for strength, and shine

Jojoba oil for dryness and protection from split ends.

Method for making an oil mask:

Heat the oil to be warm and put it on wet hair, and massage the scalp for 5 minutes. It’s preferred to wrap your hair with a hot towel or use a thermal bonnet leave it on for two hours on your hair, then wash your hair with a shampoo that contains sulfate in order to get rid of the residual oils ex. “Use Bless blue shampoo because it has a very low chemical content to clean and also shea butter for moisturizing.” Do it once or twice a month duration of making oil mask and determination of the oil type depends on the nature of your hair

*Cream Mask: The function of the cream mask is to moisturize the hair, give it a vibrant shine and look, choosing the cream mask according to the nature of the hair. How to make the cream mask? Your hair has to be wet. Divide it up and apply the cream on it proportional to its thickness. Focus on the ends because it’s the driest part of your hair, wrap it with a hot towel, or use a thermal bonnet leave it for ten minutes to half an hour on your hair, according to your hair needs and type.

PS. oil masks for hair scalp however cream masks must avoid the roots to not cause hair falls later.

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