curly hairstyles

What Hairstyles Are Best For Curly Hair?
‏1. The Classic Updo
* Let your hair air-dry first. Apply a serum suited for your curls. Tie your hair into a ponytail between the nape and crown of your head.
* Wrap the ponytail around the base of the hair tie to form a bun.
* With the help of bobby pins, secure the updo firmly. You may want to use a hairspray to manage the flyaways.
‏2. Ultra-High Ponytail
* Get your hair together at the crown of your hair and secure it with a rubber band.
* You can use bobby pins at the sides of the ponytail to keep it tight.
* To enhance the curls in your ponytail, use a curl-defining cream before you start out.
‏3. Side Braid
* Part your hair into three sections at one side of your head.
* Start braiding and finish off with a pretty-looking hair tie.
‏4. Messy Half Buns 
* Take the section of the hair near your ears and make a ponytail.
* Coil the ponytail until you have a bun and don’t bother keeping it neat. Messy is fun.
* Secure with bobby pins.
‏You can also opt for french plaits and french twists to manage your curly hair while showing them off too.
‏Wrapping Up
‏Gentle hair care, limited heat styling and all the above tips are all it takes to keep your tight coils or looser waves in shape. Avoid excessive shampooing and flaunt your curly hair with the hairstyles mentioned above.

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