Why it is necessary to sleep on a satin pillowcase?

Did you know that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can keep your skin looking youthful for longer? The soft and silky sensation isn’t just comfortable to sleep on, but it has a range of other benefits too.
If you’re thinking about changing your bedding and want something that’s going to be good for your hair and skin, satin is an excellent choice. Take a look at some of these satin pillowcase benefits.
1. Forget Creases
Have you ever woken up with a pattern imprinted on your face because you’ve slept on a cotton or flannel pillowcase? When you use satin pillowcases, you don’t have to worry about that.
Harsher materials like cotton, wool, or flannel are also more likely to increase the likelihood of you developing lines and wrinkles. Satin is far more gentle on the skin and even reduces the chance of eyelashes and eyebrow hairs being torn out during sleep.
2. No More Frizz
If you’re constantly fighting against frizzy hair, using a satin pillowcase could help. Unlike other materials, satin doesn’t cause friction and therefore, works to tame your hair as you sleep.
If your hair tends to get frizzy, you should notice that it’s much easier to style in the mornings once you’ve switched to satin pillowcases. You’re also less likely to lose hair while you sleep on satin.
3. Voluminous Lashes
Eyelashes are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. It doesn’t take much for eyelashes to be knocked out of place during sleep. Considering most people sleep with their eyes against their pillows during some part of the night, it’s fair to say that your pillow will rub against them.
Using a satin pillowcase will ensure the material isn’t rough enough to dislodge eyelashes. In fact, satin can help protect your lashes and decrease the need for the use of eyelash extensions.
4. Reduces Acne
Are you prone to acne or other skin issues that affect your complexion? Satin is one of the best materials for pores. The silky material allows pores to breathe throughout the night which reduces the chances of acne.
Similarly, if you are prone to dry skin and require a lot of moisture to keep your skin looking supple and youthful, satin can help. Other materials, like cotton, soak up moisture. Satin allows your skin to retain it.
5. Strong Hair
Over time, hair becomes more brittle and breaks easily. If your hair is damaged or you lose hair easily, you may want to consider switching to satin pillowcases. Other types of pillowcases can weaken hair strands over time due to the friction caused by the materials.
This is especially true if you like to blowdry your hair before going to bed. The sleek sensation of satin is much kinder to dry hair.
6. Healthier Hair
When you’ve got a cold or infection, cotton and flannel pillowcases aren’t as breathable as satin. If you’re congested, satin pillowcases can help you to get a good night’s sleep.
Similarly, cotton pillowcases pick up germs and bacteria a lot faster than satin ones. So, if you’re unwell, the germs can hang around in your bed until the bedding is changed.
Satin is also very good at holding moisture, so you can use a few drops of essential oil on your pillowcase, like lavender or peppermint, which are great decongestants and promote good rest.
7. Lasts Longer
Satin pillowcases often last much longer than their harsher counterparts. If looked after properly and washed correctly, satin can last for years. No matter how many times you change your bedroom decor or how many times you move homes, your satin pillowcases can be used over and over again.
When cotton or flannel pillowcases are overused, they become harsher on your skin. The beauty of satin is that it will stay as gentle on your skin and hair as the day you bought it.
8. A Good Night’s Sleep
Undoubtedly, the best benefit of sleeping on satin pillowcases is a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing like climbing into a soft and comfortable bed at the end of a long day. However, during stressful times, it’s not always easy to sleep well.
If you’re suffering from insomnia, your bedding may be more important than you realize. If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, it could be because you’re uncomfortable.
Pair that with the fact that your bedding isn’t doing your skin and hair any good, and it’s likely you’re not feeling or looking your best. Satin pillowcases could encourage a better night’s sleep.
The benefits of better sleep are endless. You’ll have more energy, you’ll be more productive at work, your skin and hair will look and feel better, leading to a boost in confidence, along with much more.

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