Environment’s effect on hair


Environment’s effects on hair

Our skin and hair are first to receive endless damage from pollution either air pollution or water pollution. Usually pollution can cause dry, wrinkly skin and brittle, thinning hair. Cities are often filled with pollution from factories, burning fuels, smoke and dust. Pollutants in surface and groundwater combined with other minerals, like those in hard water, cause dryness, breakage and thinning of hair follicles and as well oily, itchy scalp, and dandruff. When the scalp is exposed to pollution, it experiences sensitivity and discomfort, dryness or oiliness. Excess sebum production on the scalp translates into oily and greasy roots. According to  “Independent Uk’s” article “Air pollution causes hair loss” researches found that exposure to common pollutants reduces levels of proteins in hair that is responsible for hair growth and retention.   

During the summer your hair is subjected to sun, chlorine, and salt-water. While soaking in the pool, chlorine is damaging even the healthiest hair. When your hair is exposed to chlorine, it loses its natural oils and breaks the cuticles. To add, chlorine from pool can cause dandruff, dryness and for bleached or colored hair, it fades the color faster. 

On the other hand, too much exposure to salt water from the sea can cause frizzy and damaged hair. Do you know why this happens?

Salt water takes all your hair’s water out leaving it dehydrated and as a result, this can cause split ends breakage and dandruff.

How to reduce negative effect of air/water pollution on hair?

  • Wear a hat outdoor or try to cover your hair 
  • Try wearing a swim cap when in pool or beach 
  • Avoid using oily hair products as they cause air particles stick to hair
  • Avoid rainwater
  • Use natural and high quality hair products/treatments 
  • Have a balanced nutritious and healthy diet 
  • Shower after swimming

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