Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Summer days are hot and sweaty, you go for tying your hair to avoid the sweaty weather. Here are some easy and fast hairstyles for you to tie your hair, look beautiful and avoid the humidity. 


Always be ready to whip out a hair tie and pull every last strand of hair off your poor neck. 

  • Low Slicked-Back Twisted Bun : Use styling cream to tie your hair as a pony tail  downwards then twist it to make a little bun.
  • Space Buns: the easiest type of buns. Just do two small buns and tie them with an elastic pin.
  • Twisted top-knot bun : Gather your hair into a pony then twist your hair into a bun shape and pin it with bobby pins.


Our ultimate go-to is the tying our hair ponytail. Here are some different types of ponytails that might help you do some change from the usual one.

  • Bubbly Ponytail: Simply make a classic ponytail (this can be a high, medium, or low pony—whichever you’re thinking that day), and then a few inches down, add another elastic. Do this until you get to your ends.
  • High Ponytail:  to have it perfect, make sure your brush your hair equally and use a tight elastic. For a little extra volume, add a bobby pin to the base of the pony tail pointing up. It won’t appear but it will give a better look.
  • Messy Ponytail: on your second-hair today where your hair gets somehow messy, the messy tail is a good solution. After tying your hair as a ponytail at the back of your neck, pull a small piece of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. 
  • Braided Ponytail: Do the normal ponytail first then start braiding tightly so it stays the whole day.

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